401 Unauthorized

This error means that authentication failed.

Error messageHow to resolve
Not logged inIn this case, make sure that your code is correct by referring to the example in the below link and also check your timestamp against our server’s timestamp using this endpoint
Detailed authentication example:https://blog.ftx.com/blog/api-authentication/
Server time: https://otc.ftx.com/api/time
Not logged in: Timestamp too far from current timeYou'll receive this error when the timestamp is more than 30s old than the current server time, please make sure the timestamp is in ms and also sync your time to AWS NTP.
Not logged in: IP not whitelistedPlease check and make sure the API call is from your API key-bonded IP.
Only have permissions for subaccount xxxPlease note subaccount API key can only access the sub that the key is tied to, also please note you're supposed to add the subaccount name in the request header as claimed in the Authentication section.
Invalid SignatureIt means authenticating failed, not that the signature itself is necessarily invalid, pls make sure every step for authentication is correct, if you're randomly getting this error, pls contact us and provide the details of your request (URL, timestamp, account, API key)