FIX Messages

️ FIX Field Seperator

This documentation uses | to represent the FIX field separator (byte 0x01). It should be replaced by 0x01 in actual messages.

All messages should include the following fields:

8BeginStringFIX.4.2Must be set to "FIX.4.2"
9BodyLength162Length of the message body in bytes
35MsgType8Message type
49SenderCompIDzyfvB4QPg0A3kkVgqUE9V1fOA-Y6jhdG3seqIIZxClient API key (for messages from the client)
56TargetCompIDFTXMust be set to "FTX" (for messages from the client)
34MsgSeqNum1Sequence number of message
52SendingTime20220525-07:51:52Timestamp; optionally with subseconds after the decimal

Sequence numbers (MsgSeqNum, tag 34) start at 1 and must be incremented with every message. Messages with duplicate or out-of-order sequence numbers will be rejected. Sequence numbers are reset on new connections.