Generating API Keys

Under the API tab in your account settings, or alternatively, direclty on your API Settings page, you can manage the API keys for your FTX account. If you are currently accessing your Main Account (via the subaccount selector on your wallet page), you can generate API keys that have access to the main account and all subaccounts. Alternatively, if you have selected a specific subaccount on the wallet page, you can generate API keys that only allow access to that subaccount. You will know that you are generating subaccount-specific keys by the change in the name of the buttons in the GUI.

Here's what those buttons will look like for Main Account keys:

Here's what those buttons will look like for a subaccount (in this case my_first_subaccount):

For subaccount access, regardless of whether you are using a Main Account API key or a subaccount-specific API key to access your subaccount, you will need to pass in the FTX-SUBACCOUNT header with the name of the subaccount as a string when authenticating to access the correct subaccount. More info on this in the Authentication section.


Please note that some endpoints can only be used with a Main Account-level API key, such as fetching all_balances or checking latency_stats.