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Response format:

backstopProviderbooleanfalsewhether or not the account is a registered backstop liquidity provider.
collateralnumber3568181.02691129amount of collateral, equal to size x price x total weight. See coins for total weight.
freeCollateralnumber1786071.456884368amount of free collateral, equal to collateral minus everything that's locked in positions, open orders, and more.
initialMarginRequirementnumber0.122average of initialMarginRequirement for individual futures, weighed by position notional. Cannot open new positions if openMarginFraction falls below this value.
liquidatingbooleanfalseTrue if the account is currently being liquidated
maintenanceMarginRequirementnumber0.07177992558058484Average of maintenanceMarginRequirement for individual futures, weighed by position notional. Account enters liquidation mode if margin fraction falls below this value.
marginFractionnumber0.5588433331419503ratio between total account value and total account position notional.
openMarginFractionnumber0.2447194090423075Ratio between total realized account value and total open position notional
totalAccountValuenumber3568180.98341129collateral plus unrealized pnl. note that this does not include the value of non-collateral holdings (i.e. assets that have collateral=false here.
totalAccountNavnumber3568180.98341129the sum of the usd value of all balances plus unrealized pnl. this is the same as totalAccountValue except that it does include the value of non-collateral holdings.
totalPositionSizenumber6384939.6992total size of positions held by the account, using mark price
usernamestring[email protected]
accountIdentifiernumber1234567account id
leveragenumber10.0max account leverage
positionsarraysee Get positions for details