Get all account balances

Fetch balances across all subaccounts

️Requires authentication.

The response will contain an object whose keys are the subaccount names. The main account will appear under the key main.

Response format:

NameTypeSample ValueDescription
coinstringUSDTCoin ID
freenumber2320.2Total free amount. This includes the maximum amount that can be borrowed given your overall collateral across all assets currently, which can also be withdrawn.
spotBorrownumber0.0Amount borrowed via spot margin.
totalnumber1000Total amount. If amount is borrowed, then value will be negative.
usdValuenumber999.99Approximate total amount in USD
availableWithoutBorrownumber2320.2Amount available for withdrawal or trading without borrowing via spot margin
availableForWithdrawalnumber2320.2Maximum amount that can be withdrawn including max borrowable amount.

Keep in mind that collateral on FTX US is cross-margined, meaning that the your total borrowable will be determined by your collateral value across all of the assets you're currently holding.