Get expired futures

Returns the list of all expired futures.

namestringBTC-0329Name of future
descriptionstringBitcoin September 2022 FuturesDescription of futures market
expirystring2022-09-30T03:00:00+00:00Future expiry datetime
expiryDescriptionstringSeptember 2022Description of expiry date
marginPricenumberThe mark price and marginPrice fields will both reflect mark price for most futures, but for MOVE contracts, marginPrice will reflect the index price, while for prediction markets, marginPrice will reflect the risk price
imfFactornumber0.002Multiplier on the margin required for a coin
indexnumber3919.58841011Average of the Market Prices for the constituent markets in the index
lastnumber19578.0Last trade price
lowerBoundnumber3663.75The lowest price the future can trade at
marknumber3854.75Mark price of the future
openInterestnumber8287.6804Open interest (in number of contracts)
openInterestUsdnumber185619177.9188Open interest (in USD)
perpetualbooleanfalseWhether or not this is a perpetual contract
postOnlybooleanfalseIf the market is in post-only mode (when true, all orders get modified to be post-only, in addition to any other settings they may have)
priceIncrementnumber0.25Minimum price increment for orders in this market
sizeIncrementnumber0.0001Minimum size increment for orders in this market; also the smallest allowable order size
underlyingDescriptionstringBitcoinDescription of underlying
upperBoundnumber4112.2the highest price the future can trade at
typestringfutureOne of future, perpetual, or move
groupstringquarterlyOne of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, perpetual, or prediction
closeOnlybooleanfalseIf the market is in closeOnly, positions can only be closed
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