Get positions

Response format:

costnumber-31.7906Amount that was paid to enter this position, equal to size * entry_price. Positive if long, negative if short.
entryPricenumber138.22Average cost of this position after pnl was last realized: whenever unrealized pnl gets realized, this field gets set to mark price, unrealizedPnL is set to 0, and realizedPnl changes by the previous value for unrealizedPnl.
futurestringETH-PERPfuture name
initialMarginRequirementnumber0.1Minimum margin fraction for opening new positions
longOrderSizenumber1744.55Cumulative size of all open bids
maintenanceMarginRequirementnumber0.03Minimum margin fraction to avoid liquidations
netSizenumber-0.23Size of position. Positive if long, negative if short.
openSizenumber1744.32Maximum possible absolute position size if some subset of open orders are filled
realizedPnlnumber3.39Lifetime pnl of this market symbol.
recentAverageOpenPricenumber135.31May not show up if you didn't specify showAvgPrice=True.
recentBreakEvenPricenumber135.31May not show up if you didn't specify showAvgPrice=True.
recentPnlnumber3.11Pnl since last flat, equals the pnl shown at position tab. May not show up if you didn't specify showAvgPrice=True.
shortOrderSizenumber1732.09Cumulative size of all open offers
sidestringsellsell if short, buy if long
sizenumber0.23Absolute value of netSize
unrealizedPnlnumber0Because pnl now is nearly realized real-time so this field can always be zero.
collateralUsednumber3.17906Is equal to:
For PRESIDENT: initialMarginRequirement openSize (risk price)
For MOVE: initialMarginRequirement openSize (index price)
Otherwise: initialMarginRequirement openSize (mark price)