Get single market

Response format:

namestringBTC-PERPe.g. BTC/USD for spot, BTC-PERP for futures
postOnlybooleanfalseIf the market is in post-only mode (when true, all orders get modified to be post-only, in addition to any other settings they may have)
priceIncrementnumber1.0Minimum price increment for orders in this market
sizeIncrementnumber0.0001Minimum size increment for orders in this market; also the smallest allowable order size
minProvideSizenumber0.001Minimum maker order size (if >10 orders per hour fall below this size)
bidnumber21270.0Best bid
asknumber21271.0Best ask
pricenumber21271.0Current price
typestringfuturefuture or spot
baseCurrencystringnull(Spot markets only)
quoteCurrencystringnull(Spot markets only)
underlyingstringBTC(Future markets only)
restrictedbooleanfalseIf the market has nonstandard restrictions on which jurisdictions can trade it
largeOrderThresholdnumber3000.00Threshold above which an order is considered large. If clients in MM/VIP tiers submit an order with a notional value below the largeOrderThreshold, they will be subject to Tier 6 ratelimits.
change1hnumber-0.00028199464210180005Percent change in the past hour
change24hnumber-0.00257901153521523Percent change in the past day
changeBodnumber-0.0014552624166744906Percent change since start of day (00:00 UTC)
quoteVolume24hnumber944924922.148924 hour volume in quoteCurrency
volumeUsd24hnumber944924922.1489USD volume in past 24 hours
priceHigh24hnumber21387.0highest price in the last 24 hours
priceLow24hnumber21146.0lowerst price in the last 24 hours
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