Get withdrawal fees

This endpoint returns the expected withdrawal fees for any given coin, not the actual fees paid for a past withdrawal.


Requires authentication.

method options:

  • For ERC20 tokens: method=erc20
  • For TRC20 tokens: method=trx
  • For SPL tokens: method=sol
  • For Omni tokens: method=omni
  • For BEP2 tokens: method=bep2
  • For Binance Smart Chain tokens: method=bsc
  • For Fantom tokens: method=ftm
  • For Avax tokens: method=avax
  • For Matic tokens: method=matic

Response format:

NameTypeSample ValueDescription
methodstringETHblockchain protocol that will be used
feenumber0.0005fee that will be charged on the withdrawal
congestedbooleanfalseif this blockchain is currently congested
feeExcludingBorrownumber0.0005portion of the fee that would be paid from own funds (ie without borrowing)
borrowFeenumber0.0fee for borrowing assets in order to cover withdrawal fee

Please note this endpoint returns the expected withdrawal fees, not the actual fees paid for a withdrawal.