Logout (5)

Sent by either side to terminate the session. The other side should respond with another Logout message to acknowledge session termination. The connection will be closed afterwards.


Example message sent by client:


Keep in mind that graceful logouts will not trigger a Cancel on Disconnect.


Some level of disconnects are to be expected, however it is usually safe to automatically reconnect. As such, we suggest users build in handling for disconnects on their end. We strive to reduce the occurrence of disconnects, but it is best practice to have some handling built in for continuous trading.

FTX does not support DropCopy on FIX, however you can open another connection and not send any requests in order to just receive execution reports and consider that as a drop copy.

Lastly, keep in mind that FTX does not support Resend Request and SequenceReset on FIX. Sequence numbers are reset for each FIX connection.