Modify order


Requires Authentication.

Please note that the order's queue priority will be reset, and the order ID of the modified order will be different from that of the original order. Also note: this is implemented as cancelling and replacing your order. There's a chance that the order meant to be cancelled gets filled and its replacement still gets placed. To avoid this, we recommend explicitly canceling and placing a new order.

Response format:

NameTypeExample ValueDescription
createdAtstring2019-03-05T11:56:55.728933+00:00Time of order creation (order ack time)
filledSizenumber0.0Amount of order size that has been filled
futurestringXRP-PERPFuture name (null for spot markets)
idint9596932Order ID
marketstringXRP-PERPMarket in which order was placed
pricenumber0.326525Order price
remainingSizenumber31431.0Outstanding amount that has not been filled yet
sidestringsellbuy or sell side
sizenumber31431.0Order size
statusstringopennew (accepted but not processed yet), open, or closed (filled or cancelled)
typestringlimitlimit or market order
clientIdstringnull(Optional) client-assigned order id, if supplied