New Order Single (D)

Sent by the client to submit a new order. Only limit orders are currently supported by the FIX API.

35MsgTypeDNew Order Single message type
21HandlInst1Must be set to "1" (AutomatedExecutionNoIntervention)
11ClOrdIDorder123Arbitrary client-selected string to identify the order; must be unique per subaccount for all time and limited to 64 characters
55SymbolBTC-PERPName of market (Symbol) to trade
40OrdType2Must be set to "2" (Limit)
38OrderQty1.1Order size in base units
44Price22000Limit price
54Side1"1": buy; "2": sell
59TimeInForce1Must be set to "1" (Good Till Cancel) or "3" (Immediate or Cancel)
18ExecInstEThis parameter is optional. "E": reduce only, "6": post only, not supplied: standard. Only one option can be sent ("E" or "6")
1368RejectOnPriceBandYThis parameter is optional. "Y" for rejecting the order if its price would instead be adjusted due to price bands. "N" (or omitted) otherwise.
1369RejectAfterTs1640080635This parameter is optional. If the order would be put into the placement queue after this timestamp, instead reject it with error Would place order after its rejectAfterTs. If it would be placed on the orderbook after the timestamp, then immediately close it instead with error User requested cancellation (as if it were, for instance, a post-only order that would have taken). Format is UNIX time in seconds or seconds.microseconds.

If the order is accepted, an ExecutionReport (8) with ExecType=A (Pending New) will be returned. Otherwise, an ExecutionReport with ExecType=8 (Rejected) will be returned.