Optimized Access

FTX supports optimized REST access endpoints for users located in or near AWS Tokyo: eligible users on whitelisted IPs can place, get, and cancel orders through an optimized network route.
Right now, the route is optimized in that it never leaves AWS: it does not go through Cloudflare.

FTX may vary the configurations of the network route, but it is guaranteed to be at least as fast as queries sent through the standard REST endpoints for API requests originating from within AWS tokyo.

This optimized route is only an improvement if you are sending requests from within AWS Tokyo. Otherwise it is recommended to use the default API endpoints.

The Optimized Access endpoints in this section allow you to manage IPs for accessing the https://api.ftx.com/ endpoints. You can also manage your IPs in your account settings page.

Read more about eligibility, endpoints and IP management at https://ftx.com/settings/api (log-in required).