Order Cancel Request (F)

Sent by the client to request to cancel an order.

35MsgTypeFOrder Cancel Request message type
37OrderID123456System-assigned order ID of the order
41OrigClOrdIDorder123Client-assigned order ID of the order
11ClOrdIDcancel123optional, client-assigned cancel id of the request

Only one of OrderID (37) and OrigClOrdID (41) should be provided.

If the order is successfully cancelled, an ExecutionReport (8) with ExecType=6 (Pending Cancel) will be returned. Otherwise, an OrderCancelReject (9) will be returned. When you receive a Pending Cancel (ExecType=6) message, this means that the cancel request has entered the global queue to be processed by the order matcher. When you receive an ExecutionReport (8) with ExecType=4, the order has been successfully cancelled.