Orders Channel

The orders channel streams updates to your orders across all markets. You can subscribe to it on an authenticated connection by sending:

{"op": "subscribe", "channel": "orders"}

Each new message will show up as type:update. Please note createdAt field here means when the order is acked, ie finished risk check.

Example response:

  "channel": "orders",
  "data": {
    "id": 24852229,
    "clientId": null,
    "market": "XRP-PERP",
    "type": "limit",
    "side": "buy",
    "size": 42353.0,
    "price": 0.2977,
    "reduceOnly": false,
    "liquidation": false,
    "ioc": false,
    "postOnly": false,
    "status": "closed",
    "filledSize": 42353.0,
    "remainingSize": 0.0,
    "avgFillPrice": 0.2978,
    "createdAt": "2022-05-11T14:52:19.472455+00:00"
  "type": "update"